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O muse!

[19 Oct 2004|05:27pm]

I have a rec! :> Hee! Been a while I know but I have been reading Grace by aimeelicious. Go check it out. Oz/Xander, post Chosen, hurt/comfort and WIP. It's got a nice, slow build and the author is good about feedback and the like. Go watch it evolve.

My god, has it been a year since anything was rec'd? That's it. I am going on a reccing spree!

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[19 Oct 2003|05:20pm]

[ mood | content ]

Tales of a Teenage Slutboy by Immicolia. Devon/Jonathan.

This is an interesting little series. The pairing, for one thing, is rather odd, but I think that's really cool. I can really see this pairing working, honestly, and I think she manages to pull it off.

The story itself isn't actually that well written - there are some things that made me cringe a little, that could have been worked out had she sent it to a beta reader, but I forgive her, because she managed to keep me entertained for the evening. ;)

I love, love, love the way she writes Jonathan. Seriously. He's innocent and sweet, but he's got that Sunnydale edge. Immicolia manages to add little bits to her fic that totally keep me reading. For example, at one point, this came up:

He looked so goddamn, decadently, young when I actually let him up
for air. Dazed and hazy-eyed, lips swollen from the rough way that I kiss
and hair already sticking up at odd angles.

Is it just me, or is that an amazing little image? And there are quite a few moments like that, throughout. Mmmmmm.

Also? She gets Jonathan in eyeliner. Anyone who can do that totally gets my kudos. ;)

Anyway, check it out. Definitely fun. :)

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[10 Oct 2003|09:51pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

(xposted from my lj, lol)

Gloss wrote a Jonathan/Oz fic. Coming Back. Oh. My. God. I wept from the beauty of it. Brilliance, beautiful, so Jonathan and so Oz and...oh my god, you guys. If you don't go and read this I - well. You're depriving yourself of something amazing.

O muse!

[08 Oct 2003|12:53pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Title: Victory March
Author: wickedprincess3
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: R -- for language, violence, abuse, some m/m sexuality, pain for pleasure, general angst. This is not fluff. (vague spoilers through book 5)
Summary: After the war, Harry is broken and Draco has never been much for fixing things.
URL: http://www.livejournal.com/users/wickedprincess3/93896.html

Review: For her first try at Harry/Draco, she puts others to shame. It's messed up -- completely. Draco's an utter bastard, Harry is on the edge. Hell, he's over the edge, and he drags Draco with him. I'm an angst whore, and wickedprincess3 just made me her bitch.

O muse!

Recs: 3 Harry Potter, 2 X-files, 1 Xmen, 1 LoTR, and 1 Mutant X [04 Sep 2003|12:31am]

[ mood | energetic ]


Patterns by Bonibaru. PG13.

A future fic. The war has taken its toll on many people, especially on Harry. Charlie Weasley waits patiently for his chance to help and take care of Harry. Sad and wistful at the same time, the story is seen through Charlie's eyes and we see a glimpse into his heart and soul.

The Nature of Instinct by keelywolfe. NC17.

Sirius comes to tell Remus that Voldemort is back. It uses the idea of wolves mating for life as a means to get the two men past all the baggage they have acquired over the years since Lily and James died. It doesn't quite end happily ever after, but it's the bittersweet ray of hope that made this fic stand out for me.

Making Moony Laugh by Raven. R. Post-OotP.

Fred learns the truth about Remus and Sirius. And after the events of OotP, he discovers the nature of love, the depths of sorrow and the bitter reality of death. Lovely characterization, and a beautiful insight about the Remus/Sirius slash pairing from a surprising source.


Lexicon by Jessica Harris. PG.

I am not a fan of the Skinner/Krycek pairing but this is too wonderfully written to pass up. In this story, Alex discovers something beautiful through his relationship with Walter. The allusions to language and communication are so well-crafted that it made me fall in love with Alex:

And this is a language of a kind I've never had to learn before, the language we speak just between us. Looks and touches and all the things that most people take for granted.

Last Train To Clarksville by JiM. NC17.

Getting locked in a train is no fun, especially when the people involved are a hard-nosed AD and his stubborn agent...But add in low temperatures, a missing coat, a little body heat and a bar of chocolate, then you get this yummy, funny gem of a PWP between Skinner and Mulder.


Power Play by Satya Graha. NC17.

A hot little PWP about Scott and Logan. About Logan taking control, about Scott letting go. And about two men finding what they need -- love, fulfillment, balance -- in one another.


Bandage by Keelywolfe. NC17.

Legolas helps out Aragorn in a time of need. I love how the language flows and I can totally accept how Arwen is put in (or put out of) the equation.


Friendship and its sequel, Count On It by Brenda Antrim. NC17.

I watch Mutant X, I have to admit because of the two guys, Brennan (Victor Webster) and Jesse (Forbes March). They are so lovely to look at and so infinitely slashable. This is the first Mutant X slash that pairs them up that makes me believe iut can happen. This explores how being teammates and friends can transform into something infinitely more wonderful.

O muse!

Buffy Rec (vid) [03 Sep 2003|12:01am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Beatitudes by Laura Shapiro. Gen.

A post-Buffy video that is so moving that I just had to rec it as soon as I finished it. It revisits all the characters of Buffy, as they go through the seasons. Just beautiful.

O muse!

Harry Potter Recs [29 Aug 2003|11:03am]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Lots and lots of Remus/Sirius friskiness abound!

apogee by llamajoy. NC-17.

Through a child’s game, Sirius and Remus discover something truly wonderful, taking their relationship beyond just ordinary friendship. The language is sweet and languid, like honey, but it never gets cloying.

The Best Man by Rochefort. NC-17.

James and Lily Potter’s wedding reception is the setting for this naughty little PWP. Remus gets the surprise of his life, when Sirius feasts on him…under the table.

Black by Felis. PG.

Remus ruminates on the color of Sirius’ hair. I love the way this was written. Erotic and evocative.

concerning flying lessons, snuffboxes, and one hundred galleons by Mary Borsellino. NC17.

Everything about this fic works for me. A feisty Lily you can admire, a prat-like James that’s so easy to adore, as well as Sirius and Remus in all their bravado and tentativeness as they move towards a new but oh so wonderful kink in their friendship. Mary captures the fun of adolescent life and the wondrous, and frightening pangs of first love.

Don’t Tell, Just Show by Leandra. NC-17.

Sirius demostrates to Remus what he discovered over the summer. I applaud Leandra on how she made the act of rimming not just hot, but sweet and fun as well.

Dreamscape by T’Reija. R.

A dream exercise in class turns erotic for Remus, as he realizes his deepest desires. The language is utterly dreamy, romantic, and ultimately, erotic.

The Fairy Tale Way by zahra. R

A new take on how Prince Charmings should be and act. Sirius, being the Prince -- you kind of know that it is not going to be your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fairy tale...or your typical happy ending.

Flannel by Victoria P. NC17.

Sirius comforts Remus after a nightmare, and things just happened. Beautiful first time fic.

The Good Morrow by FayJay. R.

Remus. Sirius. The morning after. And how they deal with it. Masterfully done.

Jealous of the Rain by Ithica. PG13.

Remus watches as Sirius plays around in the rain. Lovely writing, where it is almost through stream of consciousness, as Remus thinks about his relationship with Sirius and how much he loves him.

O muse!

OZ Rec [17 Aug 2003|05:27pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

23 Leroy Street by Dorilon (callmeri). NC17

This is one hot Oz AU, wherein Tobias Beecher went to prison but Chris didn't. The bitter, alienated ex-con meets the cocky, sexy bad boy one evening, and that one-night stand (and I do mean stand, as they first fuck in an alley!) leads both men into a complicated affair, in the midst of Toby trying to get used to having his life back again.

I like the plot and the dialogue is well-written. The sparkage between Chris and Toby is electrifying, as each one doesn't give an inch to the other. This is an example of what I'm talking about:

A slight pause, that was all -- give the guy points for being unshockable -- and then Chris came against him again, those strong arms snaking around his waist. "So you want me to fuck you, baby?" he whispered roughly. "You want my dick in your ass?"

Good Christ. Toby's knees almost buckled. "What I want," he muttered, "is for you to shut the fuck up and do it." He paused, briefly, then added, "Think you can handle that -- *baby*?"

It's a WIP, so I'm waiting with bated breath for the new installment.

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4 RECS (2 BtVS/Angel, 2 Fast and the Furious) [21 Jul 2003|06:38am]

[ mood | awake ]


Rainmakers, Southwest of Nowhere, Interlude:
Silence Like Water
, and Spindrift by Lar (obsessedmuch). NC17.

Riley and Lindsey. Two characters who I have never really cared much for, since they lived in the shadow of Angel. But I’m beginning to appreciate them more and more this past month when I saw the old episodes again.

Rainmakers is a evocative, bittersweet exploration of 2 men on the run from their past but somehow unexpected arriving at something beautiful when they meet.

With the realization that there's nothing slipping away from him here, that life has not fallen into the usual routine of want-chase-lose for him, comes the ability to see himself for something other than what is written on old labels. Poor boy, charity case, pity fuck; evil lawyer, stubborn prick, selfish bastard, crippled loser. None of those apply right now, not in this moment of time. He's not stupid; he knows that he's at some point in his life going to be at least some of those things again, and others, too. But for right now, for this one burnished-gold afternoon, he's not labeled at all.

Lar writes a sympathetic but honest Riley and Lindsey. I think she understands them more than most writers out there.


Book of Daniel. by Glossolalia (glossing). NC17.

I love Giles. I love any fic about him, any pairing…well, I draw the line at Ethan. Anyway, I am charmed by Giles/Oz. My only squick is the latter is much, much younger than him. But since Oz is so much more mature than his age, I can almost get over that.

Glossolalia is a wonderful writer. And with this story, she sets up the rather improbable pairing beautifully. Set in the summer between Season 1 and 2, it is about how Giles spent his summer with an interesting young man named Daniel Osborne. Keeping
the show’s humor intact, the writer also nails the dry wit of Giles (or the fumbling lack of it, sometimes) as well as the quirky intelligence of Oz. In spite of (or maybe because of) it being partly melancholic, Book of Daniel is a must-read.


Baja by Devil Child. NC17.

Brian and Dom deal with the feelings of betrayal as well as their growing attraction to one another. Being 2 straight guys, this situation is ripe with UST…which promptly has them paddling in that river in Egypt. I like this fic because they really come across as straight, not gay at all. So it make this first-time fic funny as well as sweet.

This really cracked me up, when Brian and Dom start making out:

”Gimme a hickey, and you’re a dead man.” Dominic panted…


Into the Sunset by khaleesian. NC17.

Another version of the “Brian apologizes to Dom” story. And like the above, this is swimming with UST that is scrumptiously palpable. And it’s as entertaining as Baja, since the two guys are not used to having another guy as a lover. As evidenced by
this excerpt, where they are about to get it on.

”I’m not going to hurt you,” Dominic gasps.

“I wouldn’t let you,” Brian’s eyes are as clear as the sky. He reaches for Dom…

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Gentlemen, Rev Up You Engines! (Fast and the Furious slash recs) [18 Jul 2003|12:38pm]

[ mood | horny ]

I don’t know how I got there…but I’m sure glad I did. I found myself going to sites with Fast and the Furious slash. And just like the name, I went through almost all of the fic in record time. C’mon, it’s Vin Diesel and Paul Walker getting it on, I’d be crazy NOT to read it?!!!

All recs are Dominic Toretto/Brian O’Connor pairings.

Prison Sentence by Creed Cascade. PG13/R for language and sexual situations.</a>

I can totally see this relationship go this route. After the events of the movie, Brian finds Dom to apologize. Dom accepts him but betrayal begets atonement, and Brian atones for what he did with every bruise he suffers. It’s love, in a fucked-up, Oz sort of way. They get together but they do not live happily ever after.


No Limits by khaleesian. NC17</a>

One thing about gay porn that totally gets my motor on overdrive is role-reversal. Like when a reputed top bottoms or the bigger man goes ass up. And the same goes for slash, for me. That’s why I go apeshit when I read Oz fics with Bottom!Chris. And that’s why I find this PWP so hot. Because Dominic, Vin’s character, is harassed and gets to be on the receiving end of a cop’s…um, nightstick. Hee.

The timeline is sketchy. I just assumed they got together after the movie and they resolved their issues. And the twist is not really a twist. You kinda suspect that the anonymous cop will turn out to be Brian…but who cares? It’s Vin and Paul! Mmmmm…Finger lickin’ good!


Collision Course by roxy. NC17

Part angstfic, part screwball comedy, part romantic shmoop, this story had me entertained even from the beginning. It starts months after the movie ended, and both realize that they have feelings for one another.

I like how this fic is written. It sets up details and circumstances that seem negligible but become monumental as the fic progresses. I also like how they resolve the gay question with both guys. And even if sometimes the fic goes a little bit comedic, the writer never wavered in the characterization. So if you want a very interesting read, go look for Collision Course on her site.

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The Sentinel rec [15 Jul 2003|04:49am]

Ok so this will be a little different. I want to rec "Unsleeping" by Martha . There's just one teeny tiny problem: the link I had for this fic is deader than Vanilla Ice's career (don't talk to me of his 'hardcore band'.. he's dead.)

However. I happen to have the tale saved to read. I shall include a tiny sample here:
Jim snorted, almost laughing out loud. Blair had pulled himself to his feet, groaning and cursing as he tried to put weight on his bad ankle, but when Jim laughed, his face went dead white, and he stared at Jim with wide, wild eyes. He looked as though something inside him had just died.

Blair, I'm sorry, Jim thought, and shoved the side of his hand into his own mouth and bit down hard, so that no more of those half hysterical sounds that hurt Blair so badly could get out. The pain helped him, but not enough, not nearly enough. He heard a muffled, soggy thump as something heavy bumped against the wall of the stairwell, slid wetly around, and then kept shambling onwards. The thing on the steps was blind, Jim realized joylessly.

It didn't matter. It would find its way to their doorstep all the same.

Didi I mention it's a horror story? In the best Lovecraftian tradition? Yeah. it so is. It's also one of my favorite The Sentinel tales ever. So, if you want it, let me know and I would be happy to mail you the file. If anyone knows where this bad boy is now, please tell me so I can update my links!

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Angel on the Fourth of July [09 Jul 2003|01:38am]
riani1 wrote a charming Angel ficlet, centered around the Fourth of July. It's a glimpse back on Angel's life, with the tiniest hint of Wes/Angel. A nice character piece. Post Home.

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Old School Recs, Xander-style [06 Jul 2003|01:25am]

I've been reading some less-than-new stuff lately, forced back into the archives by the paucity of what's currently being posted on most lists.

First up: realmitzvah is, to my mind anyway, the reigning queen of Giles/Xander. She gets them in a way you just don't see often enough. She gets why they scrape against each other, and how they complement each other, and just how well they could fit together. Somehow, though, I'd missed her Candyass on my obsessed trawls through UCSL. Much like the more recent "Willpower" by the glorious Green, it's set during "Band Candy", when Giles's Ripperiness is at its sexiest height.

A taste:
"Xander would have liked to be the kind of guy that could later say, 'At that moment, cold hard fear settled in the pit of my stomach.' The truth was, heat trickled through his body, warming him in a way that the vodka hadn't."
Xander. Doughnuts.
That's all you need to know about s.a.'s "Jimmy Olsen".
Okay, you want to know more? This story is enormously moving despite/because of its very quiet and highly detached tone. There are words and details and phrases in the text that seem like nothing on their own -- "interpretive dance", "bearclaw", "Xander stopped in front of the Magic Shop door. He looked right, then left. Then up and down. Finally he shook his head and entered the building" -- that seem plain and unadorned. Yet in context they add up into something that's almost baroque in its sadness and gloominess.

Both the characterization and the form of this piece are so assured, so subtle, so freaking good, that I don't know what else to say.
I don't know how old this piece is, but, damn, this is Xander/Oz in a way few could hope to write: "My Little Always" by Morphea. First-person, adult, successful Xander who keeps coming back to Oz. The style is baroque (literally, this time), nearly impenetrable at times, until you slow down and savor and just let the words drink you in.

I couldn't choose which passage to highlight, so I'm going with two. On Oz and their history:
"He, quietly, with slight of hand and tongue, made me glow. No wonder Willow switched off that juvenile, awkward obsession with me for his delicate adoration in high school. It was wonderful. It got me through the worst of it all then as it does now."
On the wolf:
"Spasms are suddenly rolling over his body, and the whole world bows out from this savagely stunning metamorphesis. I'd forgotten how bizarre it was. I'd forgotten how beautiful genuinely bizarre things are -- not stuff that's been calculated as 'strange', but the utterly, innocently otherworldly."
The last rec is not Xander-centric! Shock, gasp.
But it is Oz-y, so I'm not venturing too far afield. I was asked to rec some Oz-centric pieces that had a "zen tone", to help a writer who's stuck on an assigned piece. I've said it before, but it can't be repeated enough: Sheila Perez's Oz is up there in the stratosphere of nearly-perfect Ozes. Somehow, as with "Candyass", I missed this one: Looking Glass Self.
Oz and Devon, sometime in the future. First-person Oz, which is incredibly brave and stunningly well-done. Cruelty from zealous family members that's true enough to break your heart.

I want to memorize this story, but I'll settle for extracting this passage:
"I walked away quickly. Bed was cold, and lonely. And cold. I lay there for a while, counting the cracks in the ceiling until that gave me a headache. I turned onto my side, pulling the sheets up around my shoulders and closing my eyes. Pretend sleep was almost as good as the real thing."

O muse!

Mutant Man-Love (Xmen Movieverse rec) [20 Jun 2003|07:23am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Maybe and its sequel, Maybe Not by Brenda Antrim. NC17.

This is probably one of the best fics to come out of the events that transpired in X2. The writer writes it in a way that make me believe in this Scott/Logan pairing, that a relationship could very well be possible. And what a way to begin! I haven't seen this kind of angry, desperate foreplay since Spike and Buffy hooked up in Season 6. Way hot!

She makes great use of dialogue in the movie, alluding to them with ease and mastery. She succeeds in fashioning these 2 well-crafted stories that explore the themes of despair and desire, anger and love, and death and rebirth. Get a taste in this excerpt:

Like fire against his skin. The imprint of those long fingers pulling him close, the burn of coarse hair against his cheek, the softness of the lips opening his own. All things Scott associated with Logan, and only Logan; all things that scrubbed the pain and the past away until there was only the heat and the present.

Go read. You won't be disappointed.

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The Sentinel and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - was there any doubt about me rec'cing this? [18 Jun 2003|07:14am]

[ mood | amused ]

The Towel by Raven.

Okay, so it's not a Buffy fic, but any author that can manage to incorporate "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" into a fic so well deserves some recognition.

It's your typically schmoopy "The Sentinel" Jim/Blair first time fic, where one is driving the Clue Bus and the other gets run over by it. In this case, it's Blair who gets smushed. With Jim's birthday coming up, Blair does the good Guide thing and buys him something he knows he needs - towels. Not just ordinary towels, but "800 grams of pure undyed Turkish cotton in each square meter. Pure, pristine Nazilla 84, straight from the Aegean region where the Meander meanders." Blair makes the mistake of telling Simon, who informs Blair that towels are not a friend-gift, but a significant other-gift.

"You're serious. You're giving him towels."

Simon can't let go of this. It's like I've done something utterly perverse. Like he's found I've been keeping smutty pictures of bossy and the farm hand on the PD computer.

It's sweet, it's cheesy, and it's a little silly - but for me, with all the angst in the TS fandom, that's something I can appreciate. Her writing style is practically flawless and the plot (short though it is) is tied together smoothly. The humor is quick and sharp and tends to hit you when you least expect it - more than once during this fic I was giggling out loud.

So many TS fanfics lose sight of the underlying relationship between Blair and Jim in canon, which that alone lends itself to speculation about how close they really are - I can appreciate authors that echo my, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" policy where TS is concerned. This author shows quite clearly that Jim and Blair don't need any dramatic horrors thrown at them to realize their feelings; sometimes, a set of towels is enough.

Oh, and the Douglas Adams references? Well...

You sass that hoopy Jim Ellison? Now there's a frood who know where his towel is. -- The More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide (uh, paraphrased)

*giggles* Go read it. You'll like it.

O muse!

Kiss The Librarian, Part 2 (Buffyverse) [18 Jun 2003|08:31am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Gonzo Sunset, Moonlight and Van Helsing and Buzzed* by Hth. NC17. (I'm not sure if Buzzed is part of the series, but it reads and feels like it is)

The Lux Vixens trilogy is Giles/Oz. If you're not squicked by an older man/minor pairing, you're in for a lovely time. This series veers away from canon by killing off Cordelia in Lover's Walk and not effecting a Willow/Oz reconciliation. Gonzo Sunset sets up the circumstance that will allow Giles and OZ to become a couple. The next 2 fics are beautiful snapshots of how this seemingly-incongruous duo work at being together.

The writing is sublime, evocative of the melancholy of a lonely librarian, the quirkiness of a lycantrophic slacker/teenager, and the scary and breathless giddiness of falling in love. The characters are terrific, very dead-on. In the following excerpt, Hth nails 3 characters with just a few lines of dialogue, as Devon asks Giles if he was Oz's boyfriend, aka "Van Helsing" --

"Only Oz is Oz, you know, so it’s always something crazy with him, some book, and you gotta figure out what he means. So I know there’s this Van Helsing now, and you’ve got this kind of Anthony Hopkins groove, and he’s always in the fucking library lately. So, are you the new guy?"

Great, huh? And if that doesn't persuade you to read it, would a Sexy!Bottom!Giles do it for you? Hee.

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I Want It Rough! (Oz) [18 Jun 2003|08:04am]

[ mood | chipper ]

In keeping with the theme set by my earlier rec, I give you Dargelos' Rough Trade. R/NC17. (This is linked to Part 1 of RT. Just go to the story Index for the succeeding chapters.)

Boy meets callboy. They fuck each other...and then get to fuck each other up. Not the smoothest way to true love, but hey, we're talking about Beecher/Keller here, so that's just par for the course.

And this fic is a mindfuck (and so in a good way!) -- an AU that mixes the rough world of BDSM with the even rougher realm of vampire lore. Interesting to say the least...and wait til you get a load of how Dargelos weaves in Oz canon in an ingenious way.

I love how she writes -- she has a way of turning phrases that blow me away. Like when Toby is asked to stay for dinner by a newly formed couple:

They were too new, too paired. Their world was plural, and I was singular.

Or during their first post break-up encounter when Chris jumps to the wrong conclusion when he sees Toby with another guy:

“Um, yeah. Thanks. Chris, Brian is my brother-in-law,” I told him, and suddenly the sun came out. That wide and beautiful smile spread across his face just like sunlight.

Um, I better shut up now and let you get on with reading it.

O muse!

Slave 4 U (aka X-Files BDSM rec) [18 Jun 2003|07:19am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Subterfuge by Xanthe. NC17 for explicit m/m sex and BDSM.

An undercover mission unmasks a sublimated desire between Skinner and Mulder. Xanthe serves up a sizzling hot story that is both nasty and and surprisingly romantic.

Don't be turned off by the BDSM elements here, because underneath all the whips and handcuffs, is a well-written love story that pushes the boundaries of both characters as well as their characterization in the show. It seems that the writer has more than a passing knowledge of the subculture and uses it to make us believe in the possibility of the usually subversive Mulder being a potential sub and bottoming out for the strict, protective Skinner.

It works for me, making BDSM very seductive, by the way. Just to show you what I mean -- this excerpt is part of one of the erotic foreplays (to a first-time consummation) I've ever read in the fandoms that I follow:

I massage him all over, back and front, and finally dip my fingers in the oil one last time and massage his scalp. I've never touched a man's bald head in this way before, if at all. There is something more sexual about a naked skull than anything else, and my fingers burn with the ecstasy of this moment.

Actually, go read Xanthe's X-Files fics. They're not all equipped with leather and chains but they're all great reads. Plus the fact that she gives great Skinner!

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In which I read Harry Potter fic [16 Jun 2003|03:38pm]

[ mood | very, very pleasant ]

Silverlake is fanfic crack. No, not crack...hash? Yes. Fanfic hash: Sweet, hazy-lazy, leads to the oddest inspirations, but also is addictive as all hell. It weakened my inhibitions and made me read Harry Potter fic. (Yes. I have no squicks at all regarding RPS, but HP slash? ::shudder:: Or so I thought.)

Last week, I read my first two HP stories, and they blew me away on two of the most important scales: stylistic and thematic.

1) In Love by Halrloprillalar. Marcus/Oliver, PG-13. Author's summary: "What's a boy in love supposed to do?"

Marcus is Slytherin, creepy and dumb as a post. Oliver is Gryffindor, Quiddith captain, good egg, and, if the movies are anything to go by, a lovely, lovely boy. One day, Marcus realizes seeing Oliver makes him feel different:
At first he wondered if he wanted to hit Oliver. But Marcus knew
exactly how he felt when he wanted to hit someone and this wasn't
it. This was ... itchy. And it worried him.

And so Marcus pursues his itch. It's a simple premise, twisted and pushed into outstanding, heart-rending territory by the choice to tell it solely through Marcus's squinty, dim eyes. He's not a thinker, nor a ponderer. He just goes after his heart.

I'm having trouble expressing just how amazing this story is, so just go read, please.

Pathetic Fallacy
by victoria_p. Remus/Sirius, PG-13. Author's summary: "'I'll teach you whatever you want to know about werewolf mating habits.'"

I already rec'd this in my journal as superb snark-fic, and I have to stand by that. But it's also beautifully done, just a moment after the lovers' reunion, oscillating between restrained desire and the impulse to talk just a bit more.

Thematically, every reason to read it is in this passage:
"But, but--" Sirius said, pulling away. Remus bit back a
sigh. "I left you alone. You were without your mate."
"Being alone out here is much easier than being alone with
dementors--" Sirius's words sunk in. It was Remus's turn to
draw back. "My what?" he asked, incredulous.

I can't express just how utterly sick and tired I am of the mating trope in slash, and that feeling is based solely on Buffyverse slash. Vampire takes a human, claims him, and they're married. Usually Spike and Xander. Some of the worst Oz-fic centers around his wolf's claim on Willow (and if you want to tell me it's canon, I'd be happy to parse New Moon Rising with you). Like any theme, it can be done exceedingly well. But it's just about passed the point of exhaustion.

I think the Remus of "Pathetic Fallacy" would agree that canonical assumptions have nothing on fleshy experience.

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Kiss the Librarian! (2 Buffyverse recs) [16 Jun 2003|07:43am]

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I like Spike. I like Giles. But I so love Spike and Giles together. So it gives me a happy when I find nicely written stories about these two characters. These are 2 of my favorites:

What Lies Within by ladymoluk, NC17 for explicit m/m sex, non-con, torture, rape.

For a fic whose first sex scene between the pairing is a rape, this actually turns out to be a very sweet, romantic fic. Involving an accidental body-switch, Giles and Spike are forced to live in each other's lives but by doing so, get seduced by what each had to offer. This results in a mutual understanding that braks down many barriers between them.

The following is an excerpt, where Giles confronts Spike about what was happening between them:

"...You can hate me as much as you like; you still want what I could give you: the stability, the comfort, the… love, I suppose. You want to wake up next to me and listen to my heartbeat. You want to snuggle with me and share my warmth. You want to walk in my shadow and have that your only darkness..."

She also has other wonderful Buffyverse slash on her site.


Paving Stones series by Mad Poetess (mpoetess) and Wolfling (wolfling). NC17 for explicit m/m sex and some BDSM.

This is an even darker, more angst-ridden series of G/S fics. Using Buffy's death as a springboard in Season 5, this series recreates a Buffy-less Season 6 AU. It is a great exploration of grief and how it can be transformed slowly into hope and maybe, love. That even from death and despair, one can find something life-affirming and precious.

THe characters are well-drawn. I absolutely enjoyed Anya here, very much like how I see her on TV. But nothing beats how the writers masterfully recreated the voices of Spike and Giles. And it can be seen in this small excerpt where Giles is trying to find a reason to stay in Sunnydale:

"Tell me." The grip on his shoulders wasn't commanding, anymore. Something else, something desperate and sinking as much as Spike had been, as Spike still was. "Give me something, Spike. Make me believe it's right. Tell me why I should stay."

To know Spike's answer, go read this 4-part series, starting with Company In Hell.

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